Tuesday, 13 October 2015

How to Recover Data from Corrupted and Damaged Hard Disk?

Hard disk is an important part of computer system. Every day a lot of data is stored in the hard disk. However, the hard disks also suffer from data loss in a similar way that other storage device. Possibility of data loss from hard disk is very common in present scenario. When this corruption have occurred in the hard disk and complete data of the hard disk get lost or inaccessible then Windows Data Recovery Software from Get Back Data is an affordable and comprehensive solution of the problem.

Simplified process of recovering data from the hard disk
Download and Install the Windows Data Recovery Software on the system
  1. User has to first launch the software, after that four recovery modes shown on screen.
  2. Choose the right recovery mode accordingly which is relative to the type of data that is required to be recovered.
  3. Now the software provides the list of partitions.
  4. Opt the partitions in which your data is present.
  5. In the next step the software scans the corrupted and formatted partitions.
  6. Recovered files are displayed in the screen.
  7. The user saves the recovered files at a location of their choice.
Windows Data Recovery Software is designed to recover logically damaged, formatted and corrupted data from hard disk. The amicable recovery software is capable of recovering multiple types of data such as audio, video, document, and images. The free version of the software help the user to get acknowledge about the recovery process of the software and fascinating features. Moreover, this data recovery software is recommended by many data recovery experts and Gurus.

How to Convert Corrupted and Inaccessible OST files into PST?

Outlook OST files provide the user the facility to work in offline mode when a user is not connected to the internet or when the user is away from the office for the certain reason. For such instances, Cached exchange mode configured to help the users work in offline mode. In some unfavorable situations, OST file created in exchange mode get corrupted and are not accessible. Then OST to PST converter software is a convenient solution of the invariable situation of data loss from OST files.

How OST files get corrupted and inaccessible?
The OST files corruption scenarios
  • Bad sectors of data stored in the hard disk.
  • Slow network connection is an important cause of the corruption of OST files.
  • Abrupt shut down of the system leads to corruption in OST files.
  • In the instance of unknown virus attacks the system.
  • Outlook termination can also result in corruption of OST files.
  • Synchronization difficulty is also the major issue of corruption and inaccessibility.
  • Oversize of OST files is a corruption problem in OST files.

Descriptive way of recovering data from OST to PST Converter Software
After downloading and installation of converter software on the system the recovery process starts.
  • The software selects the corrupted OST files from the system by opting the select option.
  • After that scanning of the corrupted OST files takes place through scan option.
  • As the recovery task get completed thereafter recovered files appear in the explorer view.
  • Finally, the software saves the recovered files at a specified location in the system in different formats like PST, HTML, RTF, etc.
The OST to PST converter software is a quick and accurate option for recovering OST files. The flamboyant software efficiently recovers unlimited OST files in just one go. The simplified recovery process helps the user in recovering OST files into HTML, PST, RTF, and plain text. Files greater than 2 GB can be easily recovered using this recovery software. The Software is compatible with MS Outlook versions like MS Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007 and so on. The best thing about the recovery software is that it preserves the integrity of OST files in the conversion process. This effective software is recommended by many technical professionals.

Monday, 12 October 2015

How To Recover Deleted Files And Folders From Windows 8 And 8.1 Versions?

Every year Windows operating system is changing or upgraded with time. With every upgrade, the Window operating system added with new features. Recently Windows has upgraded from 8 to 8.1 version. But it has been found that both versions have some pros and cons. The pros characteristics of the two versions are that they have large storage space, high speed, and performance while cons characteristics are that both suffer from data loss problems. In order to recover data in integrated and precise way Windows Data Recovery Software can be implemented.

Why data get lost from Windows 8 and 8.1 versions?
Important data get deleted and inaccessible from Windows in some situations
  1. MFT corruption
  2. Directory Failure
  3. Virus intrusion
  4. Hardware Malfunctions
  5. Partition Formatting
Systematic process of recovering all files and folders from Windows 8 and8.1 using Windows Data Recovery Software
  1. Download & Install the software on the system.
  2. Execute the software to start the recovery process.
  3. In the initial step, the software provides four recovery modes.
  4. Choose the right mode to recover deleted files and folders.
  5. Thereafter software shows the partitions of the hard disk in a list
  6. User has to choose the partition in which his data located.
  7. In the next step, the scan option provided for the user when the user opt for scan a complete scan of the partition takes place.
  8. Then software provides the preview of files.
  9. In the last step, the user saves the recovered file and folders at a location of its choice.
Multifarious characteristics of the eminent software
  • Windows Recovery Software supports various versions of Windows such as Windows 8.1,8,7, etc.
  • Recovers data from corrupted files and folders from FAT and NTFS Systems.
  • Easily recovers deleted data from recycle bin.
  • The efficacious software is capable of recovering data using shift+delete operation.
  • Powerful software efficiently recovers files and folders from unrecognized sectors of data.
  • Software is embedded with file filter feature to recover specific files with different extensions.
  • The recovery tool is provided with save recovery scan feature to resume the recovery process at a later time.
  • The software is enabled with “Find” feature to search for specific files.
  • Proficient software is available in free version also.
Windows Data Recovery Software is a trusted and excellent solution to recover data from Windows all versions. The software has been awarded as best data recovery software due to its amazing features.

How to Download and Install the OST to PST Converter Software?

Without proper communication, it is not possible for an organization to grow at a rapid rate. In order to compete with the World, it is important to have effective communication at every level. MS Outlook emerged with outstanding features to make the communication better and productive. Unlike other communication software's Microsoft Outlook OST files get corrupt and are not accessible, in that case, OST to PST converter software by Recover Data Tools is an efficient way of converting the OST files into PST. This converter software is available in a free version also.

Download and install the software by following simple steps

Go to the website click the download link of OST to PST converter software. Then this link will take you to a free download link in the website, on clicking this link downloading will get the start. After successful downloading of the software on the system then a user has to install the software on the system. But this free version of the software has a limitation that it can only recover the deleted and corrupted OST files. If a user wants to save those recovered files then it is important to purchase the OST to PST recovery software. The software can be purchased going to buy now link given the website.

Recovery Steps

  • At the start of the recovery process, the software selects the corrupted and deleted OST files by select option provided in the software.
  • Now click on start option to start the recovery steps.
  • After the software completes the recovery process of the files and folders, it displays the recovered files in the screen in the explorer view.
  • In the last step, a user has to save the recovered files at a location in the system by going to the save option.

  • The OST to PST converter software is a reliable and effective way of conversion of OST files into PST format. Integrated Software efficiently recovers files and folders in an accurate manner. The software meticulously recovers complete data of files in a short period of time.

    What Is The Way For Downloading And Installation Of Windows Data Recovery Software?

    Windows Data Recovery Software by Get Back Data is an effective way of recovering data from corrupted and damaged Windows files. The intuitive data Recovery Software is provided to the user in two versions. One version is available as a free demo on the site. A user can download the demo version of the software on the system by going to the link on the site and start the recovery process, but the free demo version has a limitation that it cannot save the recovered files. In order to save the recovered files, a user can purchase the recovery software by going to buy now link. The demo version of the software assists user in understanding the recovery process and remarkable features of the software.

    How Windows Data Recovery Software efficiently recovers Windows files?
    A user has to first execute the software on the system to recover deleted, lost and corrupted files.

  • After launching the software, the user will view four recovery modes on the screen.
  • Select the required recovery according to the type of data to be recovered.
  • Now software provides a preview of hard disk partitions, choose the partition in which your corrupted and deleted data exist.
  • In the next step, the software scans the selected partition.
  • The recovered files and folders appear in the tree like structure in the screen.
  • Finally, save the files at a location of user's choice.

  • The Windows Data Recovery Software has a save log feature that helps the user in restarting the recovery process at a later time as per user convenience.

    It is a quick conversion process, a user can recover unlimited Windows files using Windows Data Recovery Software. Files with extensions like pdf, xls, JPG, PNG, GIF, mp3, etc can be easily recovered using this recovery software.