Thursday, 18 February 2016

All You Need to Know About OST File Recovery

OST (Offline Storage Table) are replicas of your user mailbox on the Exchange Server which help in recovering email messages and other related data at the time of corruption. There are some common reasons that corrupt an OST file which include-
    • Improper shutdown of system
    • Virus and Malware Attack
    • Power Outage
    • Termination of MS Outlook
    • Synchronization issues
    • Database corruption
    • Exchange Server Crash
    • Accidental deletion of mailboxes

    All these major reasons lead to the corruption of data and make the file inaccessible so that whenever a user tries to open, it displays an error message. Some of the common OST file errors that get displayed when trying to open damaged .ost file are-

    • OST file cannot be accessed in Outlook
    • File xxx.ost is not an Offline file
    • Exchange Server error reported
    • Unable to expand the folder

    How to Access Corrupted Data from OST Files?

    No matter to what extent your OST file has been corrupted, but there is always a solution to repair and recover it. Among the various ways to get back data from damaged/deleted/corrupted OST file, installing OST to PST Converter Software is one wise decision you should take. This software helps you to recover permanently deleted, lost and missing OST files and save them back into healthy PST format. This method of saving data from any kind of loss is proven to be quite effective as after the conversion, you will be able to access data away from the server collaborated environment.

    Key Features-

    1)    Easily Recovers OST File and lost Deleted Data- It is the only software application which helps users to recover SHIFT+DELETE OST files. Apart from it the software also recovers any kind of data permanently deleted from OST files including calendar, notes, contacts, attachment etc.

    2)    Resolves Corruption Issues and Saves Data- Designed with the latest recovery mechanism, this software fixes OST file corruption and recovers damaged OST file data into PST, MSG or HTML format. It can even repair password protected OST files with advanced scanning modes to produce maximum results.

    3)    Offers Complete Preview of Recovered Data- OST to PST Conversion Software gives complete preview of mails with other attachments. Using this feature, you can check whether the data is actually recovered in original forma or not. Next, the data is presented in hierarchical format and user will be required to save it as per the desired location.

    4)    Compatible With all Outlook and Microsoft Windows Versions- Compatibility with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2012, Server 2008 and Server 2003 makes it a popular pick amongst users. Fully supportable with Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000 thereby making it usable on the given editions to recover and convert data.

    Whether it's about performance, efficiency or capability, this software recovers data in quick, easy and step by step way. Therefore, in order to repair OST file, you need to download, install and launch this software after which you will be able to get complete and secured recovery of all Outlook mails.

    Tuesday, 9 February 2016

    How to Recover Lost Data from a USB Drive?

    USB Drive or Pen Drive is one of the secure gadgets used these days for transferring and storing valuable data. Just like any other technology, a USB Drive is also prone to technical issues which lead to data loss or corruption. In this blog, I have covered up all the important areas which lead to data loss in a USB drive and the various steps to resolve those issues. So, whether you are a technocrat or not, this blog has something very useful and interesting to read out aloud.

    The first thing users need to understand is the most common reasons which lead to data loss in a USB Drive which might occur due to -:

    • Hardware Malfunctioning
    • System Failure
    • Virus Attack
    • Accidental Deletion                                                                                  
    • Power Surges and Electrostatic discharge
    • Not properly removing the USB flash drive from your system 
    In a recent survey sponsored by Flash Memory Manufacturer Kingston Digital it has been evaluated that 70% of businesses have traced the loss of confidential data to USB Flash Memory Sticks. While 55% of loss can be contributed to malware being introduced to a system through USB.”

    But the interesting part is that in most cases lost data from a USB drive can be easily recovered/restored. All you need is patience and care while handling such data storage devices. The most important thing to remember when any data loss happens from a USB drive is to immediately stop using the affected device, because addition of any new data to that USB might result in overwriting of the deleted data making recovery impossible.

    Using Windows Data Recovery Software -:

    What you need to know regarding recovering deleted files from your pen drive is that when you choose to delete data from your pen drive, the information is not automatically erased. Rather the space that it is occupying is considered available for other uses. Well, this means that you can still locate a deleted file as long as it has not been overwritten. So, there are basically two things you have to do once you have realized the sticky situation you are in.

    First, you have to stop using your pen drive immediately. Keeps it dormant to eliminate the risk of any of your important files being overwritten. This is especially important if you have little empty space left on your drive since this increases the chances of irretrievable loss of data due to continued use of your pen drive.

    Secondly, looking for a Windows Data Recovery Software is another reliable, cost-effective and user-friendly option for restoring lost, deleted, formatted or damaged data from USB Drive. By installing this recovery software, you will be able to recover and retrieve files which have been lost due to accidental deletion, partition formatting, virus attack or even hardware malfunctioning. Designed with the latest recovery mechanism, this software has the ability to scan your pen drive in a couple of seconds. It can swiftly recover any type of data including pictures, audio, videos, documents and other file types in the best possible way. It even gives you an option to select which of the lost files you want to restore.

    Steps of Recovering Lost Data from a USB drive using Windows Data Recovery Software -:
    • Install and launch the software on your system
    • Run it and Select Recover Data from USB Drive 
    • Make sure USB is inserted and then select the drive from where data has to be recovered 
    • Once done, the software starts scanning the device and recover deleted files 
    • After the scanning is complete, you will get a list of files that have been recovered, you can simple select those files and save in the desired location.
     This is how the recovery/restoration process becomes so easy with Windows Data Recovery Software. You can rest assured of regaining access to your precious data in no time


    So, next time whenever you land up in such a situation, you will be aware of the do's and don’ts. Give it a try and let us know your feedback.